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Relate is a professional Media services firm specializing in e-Learning and all aspects of Training and Development. The Team at Relate develops compelling, interactive and effective solutions for your learning needs. To find out how they can help you go to the Relate Website or contact them on 1-800-428-3708

Check out 60 Learning tips. These eLearning tips were written and recorded by Rick Zanotti. I particularly like tip number 12 ‘Read it out load’. I think of this every time I sit down to record voice-overs.


October 14th, 2013

Answers to all your Adobe Captivate Questions:





blog.lilybiri.com If there are any questions you have about Adobe Captivate Lieve Weymeis is the person you should be speaking to . I meet Lieve through the Adobe Captivate forums where she was helping me with Captivate 4, I was new to all of this. Later I started following Lieve on twitter @lilybiri . With the upgrade to Captivate 6 .This is an area she loves working in. There are plenty of examples on her blog. NEW LOCATION


March 26th, 2013


Next Learning Solutions 2014

New technologies are changing the way we live, work, play, communicate, and learn. Keeping up with these changes and adapting to the evolving needs of today’s organizations is challenging. At Learning Solutions 2014 you will learn about these technologies, discover exciting new possibilities for reaching your learners and delivering content, and connect with peers who will show you proven solutions for successful implementation.

Join us March 19 – 21 in Orlando and discover how you can redefine training with technology.

November 10th , 2013

What's New:

Adobe Captivate 7


Captivate 7 is now here! To find out more details on all the great new features check out the Adobe Captivate Blog. On this page you will also find links to all the Live & OnDemand Captivate Training.

What is new in Adobe Captivate 7?

Adobe® Captivate® 7 software offers you enhanced support for HTML5-based eLearning content and also lets you create courses that meet accessibility standards.* Add more interactivity to your courses with drag-and-drop modules, YouTube video streaming and in-course web browsing. Record system audio along with narration. Generate reusable advanced action templates. Import GIFT format questions to create quizzes in a jiffy. Now also publish to Tin Can-compliant LMSs.
Updated: Sept 28th , 2013

Weekly Event:


The world has gone digital and all digital media is converging! Join Kirsten Rourke and Rick Zanotti as they make sense of digital convergence with great guests, tutorials and much more...

Updated: Jan 26th, 2014

Weekly Event:

eLearnChat http://www.justin.tv/relatecorp

eLearnChatAt eLearnchat,talk is knowledge. Join us Wednesday's at 8am PT as hosts @RickZanotti and co-host Dawn Mahoney @dwnjmahoney interview guests about eLearning & have a little fun too.If you can not catch the show live watch them on YouTube RELATECasts

Updated: Sept 28th, 2013


2013 Wrap up

18th January 2014

Well I thought this time round I would make my post a little different, by recording it as well as typing it. But of course you will have to watch the recording to get the full picture.
Well, what a year it has been for me. I was fortunate enough to spend time with Rick and Leslie Zannotti, Coline Son Lee, Diane Smith and Lieve Weymeis. I also managed to meet in real life for the first time Anita Horsley, Kirsten Rourke and Gina Schreck.
What else did I get up to this year?

  1. Started playing around with stop motion.
  2. Creating some different camera shots with my CineSystem from Cinetics.com
  3. Picked up a Drobo 5 D and did an unboxing video
  4. Finally joined the Adobe Creative Cloud
  5. Travelled to the US in May and drove from Los Angeles to Yosemite and stayed at Cedar lodge for a few days. This is certainly a beautiful part of the country. On my return to Los Angeles a trip down to the Laguna Beach and a few other places included the Getty Center .
  6. Many outings with the dog and visiting the horses, throwing in a little bit of time lapse as well.
  7. Posted 10 public YouTubes
  8. Got both the video camera and the DSLR out and about in Melbourne
  9. Went to the Digital show in Melbourne in September. This would be about the closest we would get to a show like NAB
  10. I managed to keep up to date with all episodes of eLearnChat and eMedia chat.
  11. Another visit to the US in October, with a drive up to the Griffith Observatory, what a great view of Los Angeles, checked out Newport Beach. Then off to Las Vegas to attend Develearn 2013 eLearning Conference. Returning to Los Angeles with a visit to Santa Barbara.
  12. One of the final things for the year was the upgrade of FinalCutPro to version 10.1. A lot a great new features but the best for me is the upgraded Media managements. Paid my subscription again to www.larryjordan.biz . This is the best way to learn Final Cuts new features.
Well that’s about it for 2013, but I still have plenty of things to learn to keep me busy in 2014.
















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